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Important news for the future of Ember Michaels' books

Hey y'all!

It's only a few days until The Destruction of Sevyn comes out! I've given you the prologue and chapter one; do you think you're prepared for Lunatic Luther? I hope you are, because it's going to be a hell of a ride! But anyway, that's not entirely why I'm writing this post though. As I've announced in my reader group, The Vengeance of Luther duet will be wide. They will NOT be in KU at any point. I know I started my dark romance/dark fiction journey in KU, but I'm ready to reach readers on other platforms as well.

Because I'm going all in with going wide, The Rules of Bennett trilogy will be pulled from KU as well. I'd said that I would keep them in KU so that new readers could discover me, but since I'm no longer trying to build a KU audience, I think it's best to go ahead and pull them. Also, I didn't want people to read the trilogy in KU and then be upset that the spin offs (Bruce's story, Saint's story, etc) were wide and had to be bought. So it's best that I set the expectation by having all of the books wide as well so readers on all platforms can experience it. With pulling Bennett from KU, the prequel (Rules of Bennett) will be available for free by signing up for my newsletter for the new readers discovering Bennett. Books will go on pre-order for a lower price and will go up on release day. I'll try to make this transition as easy as possible for all of us, but please bear with me through this.

But wait! There's more! Because I'm going wide, I'm now building my own street team and ARC team. If you were one of those KU readers who can't really buy extra books, this is a perfect way to be able to either win ARCs or apply to join my ARC team. I will have more ARC giveaway opportunities in the future as well! I have plenty of great books in the works and am ready to start this new journey with you all! It'll be a bit of a bumpy ride as we all get adjusted, but this is best for my business right and I hope you guys can understand.

I'll be emailing Amazon soon to get the books removed from KU, so if you're a KU reader, be sure to read before it's pulled! Also, paperbacks for You Will Break, You Will Obey, and The Destruction of Sevyn will be available soon and you'll be able to buy a signed copy right here on my website! I'm also in the process of creating Bennett and Luther merch that'll be hitting my store soon. This transition period will be hard for a little bit, but we'll make it!

As always, stay safe, healthy, and read dark books!



Wanna join my launch squad (street team)? Join here:

And make sure you answer the questions or you will NOT get in.

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