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After the Korolevstvo Bratva murdered my girlfriend, the last thing I wanted was a pet—I wanted revenge.
Ekatrina “Kat” Lebedev was the perfect candidate: vulnerable, gorgeous, and the enemy’s daughter.
She was just what we needed to help us lure her father out of hiding in order to take him down.
The plan was simple: pump my “pet” for information, use her as bait, and dump her in the bunker when she no longer served a purpose.
Unfortunately, being the “good” guy had its faults—especially when I let her get too close.
Now I had to be the Underboss my organization needed, even if it meant ignoring the forbidden chemistry I had with Kat.
She was still the enemy at the end of the day, and her father still had to pay for what he’d done.
My loyalty remained with The Family, and I’d get the blood payment owed to us.
Even if it cost me the last pieces of my heart.

Claimed by the Underboss is book 1 of the World of Bennett series, which is a spin off of the Rules of Bennett series. The Rules of Bennett series must be read in order to understand what is happening in the World of Bennett series.

Claimed by the Underboss

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