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It was supposed to be the start of a new beginning.
With our enemies slain, I was prepared to look to future ahead of us.
Building La Fedeltá to be one of the most powerful families on the West coast.
Planning a wedding.
Being a family man and growing my family with my wife.
But with all things, no one prepared me for the growing pains that came with building a mafia family from scratch.
The hard work required to maintain a happy marriage or balance parenthood.
I definitely wasn't prepared when my past mistakes came back to try to destroy everything and everyone I held dear.
With the Korolevstvo bratva threatening the survival of both my organization and my family, I had to unleash the very being I promised Aurora I'd bury—Moreno the devil himself.
I'd experienced too much loss, and I refused to have Alec and his men rip away the last piece of my heart.
I'd give him the war he wanted, and I wouldn't let up until every single one of them paid the price in the only currency the devil accepts.
In blood.

Moreno Forever

  • This listing includes both ePub and Mobi files compatible with Amazon Kindle devices and the Kindle app.

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