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Tragedy and pain destroyed what we were.
Living a lie may be the only thing that saves us both.

After escaping death at the hands of The Collective, I was sure of two things: life as I knew it was over, and both The Collective and The Brotherhood of Vengeance had to die.
As life shattered around me, I formed an unlikely alliance with the same woman who nearly became my victim.
With two murderous cults looking to tie off their loose ends, we had to work together to ensure that we made it out of this alive.
The plan to throw the police off was simple—pretend to be in a relationship.
Considering our history, this should’ve been a cake walk.
But history had a funny way of repeating itself, especially when the lines between pretending and reality started to blur.
Sacrifices would have to be made, and by the time this was over, the streets of Miami would be covered in blood.
The rebirth of our relationship would hinge on whether or not we survived—and whether I was brave enough to surrender to the only woman who could destroy me.
The road to our happily ever after would be a bloody one; and I wouldn’t be satisfied until my enemies were dead, and Sevyn Langdon was mine.

The Rebirth of Us

  • This listing includes both ePub and Mobi files compatible with Amazon Kindle devices and app.

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